IC “ZINOVIEV-CENTER” was established to assist the members to implementat of scientific and cultural projects aimed at promoting the scientific and creative heritage of Alexander Zinoviev., the Center seeks to systematize and optimize all this activity, to give it a new impetus, to summarize the experience of the Biographical Institute of Alexander Zinoviev preserving and strengthening the traditions of scientific seminars, conferences, symposia and other events

Organization carries out the following activities:

  • popularization of the doctrine, philosophy of Alexander Zinoviev and distribution, study of his heritage at home and abroad;
  • assistance in the implementation of projects of the Biographical Institute of Alexander Zinoviev and the Zinoviev club, Russian-Bavarian research center of A. Zinoviev,  International research and education center at the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov and other scientific, research and educational structures and formats within the Zinoviev community;
  • establishment and provision of scholarships named after Alexander Zinoviev to students of educational institutions;
  • interaction with public authorities and cultural, educational, scientific and educational organizations, individuals and legal entities on issues related to the achievement of the objectives of the organization;
  • promoting the preservation and strengthening of traditional values in society, the institution of the family, respect for religious beliefs, the revival of national traditions and spiritual heritage;
  • patriotic education of young people and the younger generation;
  • implementation and support of socially significant projects in the cultural, social, educational and environmental spheres;
  • development of relations between civil society institutions of Russia and other countries aimed at strengthening friendship and developing dialogue between States;
  • creation of a communication platform for dialogue between the international community, organization of interaction between Russian and foreign people
  • development of public relations in the world, exchange of experience in science, education, culture, ecology and other fields;
  • development of youth initiatives, youth policy and protection of youth interests;
  • preservation and development in the Russian society of historically developed cultural and original values and spiritual traditions of the countries;
  • creation of an intellectual and methodological center for the formation of civil society;
  • rapid response, objective and unbiased coverage of world’s events without the prism of political interests and double standards;
  • holding of forums, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and expositions and other cultural events;
  • organization and production of television programs, video products and radio programs on issues related to the goals and objectives of the Organization, the implementation of television and radio broadcasting;
  • implementation of editorial, publishing, methodical, lecture activities, organization of production of film, photo, TV, audio and video products (in accordance with the objectives of the Organization and the legislation on the media).